10 May 2022

Queen for a new time

A festive performance in the open-air in

10 May 2022

A festive performance in the open-air in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The Queen of Sheba is a great and wise leader. Sheba, also known as Bilqis and Makeda, is searching for more knowledge and wisdom. She travels the world. On her journeys she meets Solomon, the famous king, known for his just rule, who can talk to the animals and the jinns.

Sheba is a magical love-story of two people from completely different cultures. A great love that has been described for centuries in the most beautiful poetry and sung about with the most beautiful music. The story is known and loved all over the world.

A dazzling and fairytale-like outdoor performance – Sheba, Queen of a new time is a celebration for the city. Classical opera in a new shape, intertwined with music from Yemen, Ethiopia, Turkey, Nigeria, Suriname and Iran. With the cooperation of Koor op Zuid.

With dancer Nyanga Weder as Sheba, Sinan Vural as Solomon, clarinetist Vincent Martig as the hoopoe bird, singers Nienke Nasserian, Shwan Suleiman and Ivan Richardson, the great ensemble of World Opera Lab, set by Neal Groot, costumes by Hanan Himmi and directed by Miranda Lakerveld

28 May 15:30 Afrikaanderplein Rotterdam – O-festival (try-out)
29 May 15.30 Afrikaanderplein Rotterdam – O-festival (premiere)

9 June 8.30 pm Erasmus Park, Amsterdam
June 10 8.30 pm Erasmus Park, Amsterdam

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