30 May 2019

Middle East Opera Report

Three operas about the Middle East in

30 May 2019

Three operas about the Middle East in collaboration with the Midden-Oosten Report/De Balie. Three nights with a lecture, an opera and a discussion about urgent issues in the Middle East. Director Miranda Lakerveld chose a different operatic masterpiece for each night and through their stories reflects on conflicts in the Middle East, and with this, bringing them together under one new aesthetic. The themes included; the refugee crisis in Afghanistan, the war in Jemen and the distinctions between Sunni and Shia Islam. Masssih Hutak rewrote the texts from Schubert’s Winterreise, oud player Haytam Safia re-worked Händel’s The arrival of the queen of Sheba and Aftab Darvishi wrote new recitatives for Bach’s cantata Mein Herze schwimmt in blut. With works of three female photographers working in the region.


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