29 Apr 2021

Arïanna – Love without boundaries

A colorful remake of a lost opera.

29 Apr 2021

A colorful remake of a lost opera. The compelling story of Arïanna performed by a unique team of singers and musicians with roots from all over the world. The original opera by Claudio Monteverdi has been lost. Only the text and one beautiful aria still exist; the world famous ‘Lamento d’Arianna’. In addition to Monteverdi, this remake features traditional music from all over the world and newly composed works. Three composers, Aspasia Nasopoulou, Kaveh Vares and Haytham Safia, were inspired by their own musical traditions and the style of Monteverdi. With an unparalleled cast: Aylin Sezer as Arïanna, Sinan Vural as Dionysos, Vanessa Felter as Aphrodite, Nyanga Weder as Cupid, Sophie Fetokaki, Youmni Abou Al Zahab and Iraqi-Kurdish Shwan Sulaiman debuting as Theseus. This super-diverse opera in 7 languages ​​transcends cultural differences. Arïanna – Love without boundaries shows our shared global history as inspiration for the future.

A pearl of cultural polyphony and dramaturgical poetry … exceeds all expectations” (Theaterkrant) “As love is called differently everywhere but is the same everywhere, so is the music, as this Arïanna from World Opera Lab proves” (NRC)

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