11 Dec 2021

Antigone’s of the pandemic

A memorial without borders in VR Antigone’s

11 Dec 2021

A memorial without borders in VR

Antigone’s of the Pandemic is based on an age-old myth; a story that begins with a plague that endangers mankind. Antigone mourns the dead and fights for the right to a dignified end. A fight where she also puts herself in danger…

This international production is a tribute to the contemporary Antigone’s, those who fought to bury and commemorate the dead in an honorable way in this difficult time. A unique team in three continents will create new ritual: a rich tapestry of traditional laments, funeral rituals and mantras. A memorial to understand that in this crisis, we are more connected than ever.

Due to productional challenges and government regulations, the production has been transformed into two parts. A concert in the iconic Westerkerk at the 5th of februari, at 2:00 pm. The fantastic cast will play new music and ancient songs of mourning and hope. A new VR-opera will premiere on the 11th of March, it tells the stories of contemporary Antigone’s from around the globe. The opera is an intimate experience and a new way to experience global connections, and beautiful music.

A film by Miranda Lakerveld & Siavash Naghshbandi – Music: by Alfian Emir Adytia, Chetna Sahni Sehgal, Setareh Nafisi Cast: Behafarid Qaffarian: voice-over (Tehran, Iran), Liezha Yuvita (Klaten, Indonesia), Nour Al Hindi (Qab Elias, Lebanon), Alfian Adytia: cello, Madeleine Elizabeth Saputra: soprano, Soheil Shayesteh: kamancheh, Chetna Sahni Sehgal: sitar/vocals, Sukhjit Singh: tabla, Sabra El Bahri Khatri: soprano, Emmy Storms: violin, Douwe Bulten: light, Jantine Kraaijeveld: costumes

Antigone’s of the pandemic:
11th of march – worldwide online premiere – 18:00 CET – available until the 18th of march.

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